Manage your asset monetization sources on one platform

Oz Digital is the platform for editors which integrates main inventory display, video and mobile technologies, allowing programmatic revenues to be optimised in real time.

And all through one single access point using evolutionary management and analysis tools.



The holistic plug and play solution to develop Open Market and PMP strategies in real time and to activate and manage all advertising space from one interface, in order to secure the best returns on inventory.


Self Service Platform

The tool to autonomously manage digital properties in programmatic, setting and modifying tag, promo size, hard floor and adquality with one click.


Reporting 2.0

The tool to analyse your digital network performance in detail, with real time information and forecast services. Maximum control and personalisation due to filters, sizes and metrics.

Header Bidding Compliant

The Oz Digital platform is 100% header bidding compliant. Through the Tag Management proprietary system it is possible to integrate the world of programmatic with that of the direct sales team on your individual adserver, creating a unique system in which all campaigns compete in real-time with the hammer price of impressions.